hardware for sell / trade

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24-12-2004 04:41:20

I have a couple of computers that aren't quite working, which with a little effort could be made to be working.

1) First computer
AMD Duron 900 (I think)
128 Mb RAM
SiS Mb
ATX power supply
ATX case

- This one won't boot, don't know if it's the mb or the processor

2) Second computer
AT early pentium, don't recall exactly what speed
AT case
RAM don't know how much, but enought to boot a Linux system so probably more than 8Mb

- This one has a burned up power supply. I have another one for it, but the old power supply is hardwired to the switch. Needs to be un soldered and soldered to the other power supply. I don't have an iron nor time to deal with this one. Would make a great router.

Negotiable on both. I might even trade...