Sharp Zaurus SLC-750

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12-01-2005 09:41:53

Howdy folks, I love my Sharp Zaurus SLC-750 but I'm not using it much and so I end up leaving it at home a lot. It's basically an underpowered laptop about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It's hoss enough (with the right ROM) to run apache, firefox, ect, or with anothert ROM be the ultimate PDA to view PDF's, edit documents, play MP3's, watch movies, etc. It has a unique flipping, 640x480 glorious color touch screen, CF, SD, IR, usable keyboard, charger, etc. I even have the original box and (Japanese) manual. It is currently running OpenZaurus and emblasoned with a huge "I don't to windows' sticker.

So let me know: $500. In the unlikely event of a bidding war, highest bidder wins. :-)


12-01-2005 09:45:29

OK, in case you were wondering, this is James from dVNS ( I forgot to mention that the Zaurus comes with a 256 Meg SD card, which frees up the CF slot for wireless, bluetooth, etc.