Getting Nvidia binary driver working with Fedora Core 1

  1. You will need a install of Fedora Core 1 and the development utilites.
  2. Download the driver from Nvidia and the readme file.
  3. Exit out of all Xsessions.
  4. Go to a text login by pressing Cntl-Alt-F1
  5. Log in as root (from here on out everything will need to be done as root)
  6. Put the machine into run level 3 by running this:
    init 3
  7. Change to the directory that you downloaded the nvidia driver file in.
  8. Run the following command:
    sh --with-this-kernel
    Awnser the questions that this will ask and wait
  9. You should now have a file with a similar name but with -custom in it. You will need to run the next command:
    This will now install the drivers.
  10. Follow the directons in the README file for modifiying your X configuration.
  11. Once you are done with the X configuration, run the following to start X again:
    init 5
    (If you don't run in init 5 you may skip this and just run startx)