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As you may or may not have noticed the site has changed a bit. It has been 5 years since we have had a regular meeting. The Computer Club of Oklahoma City does continue a Study Group for novice Linux users. However the group that this site covered started to dwindle and with extra demands on my time at the time I had to stop being the SIG leader. When no one volunteered to step up I let the Computer Club take over the role. We had many good years of teaching and learning about Linux. I am sure the Computer Club has continued what we started. I have to thank everyone that came out to meetings and helped with them. We had many good times.

I am moving the site from one system to another. This is to decommission the old system and move back to shared hosting. However due to inactivity on the forums I am making that part of the site static. Most of the content will still be available in that form. This is for posterity and anyone needing to reference an old file or two.

Thank you all.

Robert Green

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