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18-10-2004 22:22:06

Okay, well I tried to do the little icon on the url bar thing, but that didn't work because of my frame with my dns provider, so that was a bust until I get switched over to a business account that won't work unless you go directly to the ip address. Hopefully I can get a hold of someone this time that will actually send over the documents :(

Second, I have place a hyperlink on the right side of the forum header that will take you to That was a little harder to find, but not bad at all. I did hyperlink the image to that site as well, but I like to click on that image to check for new threads, so I nixed that idea :)

Hopefully I can get a hold of some Cox dork tomorrow and get my things rolling with the new service. :)


19-10-2004 08:04:59

sounds good, thanks for trying on the icon though :-)


26-10-2004 14:41:46

Well, I call up a different cox goon today and now he is wanting to charge me $100 bucks basically for some other goon to come out and assign the static IP, what that hell is wrong with these people. I don't want to pay some incompetent goon to come over and try to assign an ip address to my router.

Sorry, but you freaks aren't going to touch my crap:) I feel better can shove that $99.95 bill right up your a$$

sorry had one little burst left :)


26-10-2004 14:56:51

you go, girl!


18-11-2004 07:14:59

I may have limited DNS and cable line experience but I thought that was done at their end when you login to get your ip they assign one to you which is normally dynamic. wouldn't they just be able to configue BIND or whatever they use to just assign you a static instead of a dynamic?


18-11-2004 20:32:22

Well, it would be their DHCP server not DNS (bind, or whatever they use) and yeah, it is pretty easy to get setup, and it is even a different ip range for the business account.

They are just being penis heads :)